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About us

AsparaGoose is a healthy way of living for everyone!

AsparaGoose is the brand to trust in the city jungle.

Looking for nutrient-rich and full dishes? However, there is always something that stops you from cooking or enjoying healthy slow-food outside home and office? Have a look at the takeaway feature of AsparaGoose, available for any of the menu items. Handy packaging, always fresh and healthy – that’s AsparaGoose!

On our menu:

  • Rich sandwiches
  • Various types of salad
  • Soups
  • Tasty smoothies
  • Healthy berry/seed desserts

And many more always fresh dishes, rich in nutrients!

Enjoy AsparaGoose slowly or as a takeaway from the café located in the duty-free zone of the Airport Riga, or in the pastry shop BakeBerry in the Old Town of Riga, 11 Audēju Street.


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